Practice data services

Transform your EHR data into valuable insights

Vestrum Health - what we offer

Valuable, actionable insights which have a meaningful impact on how I practice medicine

- Vestrum Panel Physician

Data Insights

Quick Trends reports and insightful infographics will allow you to measure and improve your practice's performance

Clinical Trials

Benefit from accelerated patient recruitment for industry-sponsored trials

Analytical Support

Access our tools and expertise to support your clinical research and practice analysis

Data Insights

“I have been very pleased with the services that Vestrum Health provides. The Vestrum analytic reports provide valuable, actionable insights which have a meaningful impact on how I practice medicine… The Vestrum analysis provides that crucial reporting. Thanks Vestrum.

- Vestrum Panel Physician

Your practice’s EHR data contains key information which can be transformed into powerful insights to help improve patient outcomes and practice performance.

Maximizing the value of your data requires analytical tools and comparative industry data, which is where we come in. Vestrum Health has developed processes and algorithms that allow us to combine your data with an industry-wide dataset to produce Quick Trends reports that provide a range of insights.

Your practice will benefit from the ability to track and monitor key practice metrics, compare outcomes to regional and national benchmarks and understand the impact of treatments on patients.

Joining is straightforward. There are no activation, interface or maintenance fees.


Clinical Trial Accelerated Patient Recruitment

In a recent clinical trial with Vestrum Health, patient recruitment was completed in 30% less time than anticipated!

Clinical Trial Accelerated Patient Recruitment is a service for industry-sponsored trials available to practices on the Vestrum Health panel.

  • Improve the accuracy of patient recruitment estimates

  • Accelerate the patient recruitment process

  • Increase efficiency of the clinical trial recruitment process

  • Hit trial completion deadlines with faster recruitment

  • Become a preferred practice-site for trial sponsors

  • Measure the efficiency of your clinical trial process

Identifying patients for clinical trials enables your practice to reduce trial times significantly. Vestrum can analyse your data and identify codes for patients who meet study criteria. Our HIPAA-compliant process allows you to re-identify these patients. Clinical trial staff can call identified patients in for further assessment and enrollment where candidates fit the trial criteria.

Reduce your costs, increase trial revenue and enhance trial capacity through faster and higher levels of patient enrollment.

As a Vestrum Health panel physician, this is a complimentary service.


Analytical Support

The ability to provide detailed and accurate utilization reporting is of paramount importance.

- Vestrum Panel Physician

Our supported physician research service provides you with analysis support, data generation and publishing support. The service is included in your membership unless it’s an industry-sponsored paper or a very large study.

Advanced practice metrics give you insights into your practice performance in a number of key areas:

  • RVU analysis of physician productivity

  • CPT analysis and billing benchmarking

  • New patient analysis including source and contribution

  • Disease breakdowns

Contact us if you are interested to find out more about our analytical support services.