Pharmaceutical Companies

Gain valuable insights from real-world clinical data

Benefit from in-depth analysis of high quality, granular EHR data

Pharma companies count on Vestrum Health for unique in-depth clinical insights for the specialties in which they operate. EHR data and analytics are broader and deeper than claims data, surveys, or other traditional market research techniques.

As a result of widespread EHR adoption and the advent of modern analytics, the Vestrum team can now accurately capture, analyze and understand real-world clinical behaviors and decisions.

Vestrum enables Pharma and Medical Device clients to:

  • Use real-world clinical practice data to increase and demonstrate the value of therapies

  • Increase trial revenue with faster, higher levels of patient enrollment

  • Identify the right physicians and patients for clinical trials

  • Understand factors that shape physicians’ prescribing and treatment behaviors

  • Analyze switching behaviors and clinical situations that drive switching

  • Evaluate the performance of sales and marketing campaigns