Make your ehr data work for you

Benchmarking reports to improve your clinical performance


Buried in your EHR data - and virtually inaccessible to you - is a wealth of valuable information on patient characteristics, treatments, practice patterns and outcomes.

Partner with us and realize the full range of benefits from your data.

Vestrum Health
  • Analyze your own, your partners', and your practice's patient care data

  • Analyze your data for research, presentations and papers

  • Receive monthly Quick Trends reports and infographics

  • Benchmark your practice to regional and national comparators

  • Track and analyze your coding patterns and link to outcomes

  • Track your referral patterns to provide quick recognition of new referral doctors or fall off from existing referral doctors


Vestrum Health - what we offer

Valuable, actionable insights which have a meaningful impact on how I practice medicine

- Vestrum Panel Physician

Data Insights

Quick Trends reports and insightful infographics to improve your practice's performance

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Clinical Trials

Benefit from accelerated patient recruitment for industry-sponsored trials

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Analytical Support

Access our tools and expertise to support your clinical research and practice analysis

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Your data will be completely secure. The Vestrum Health IT team has extensive experience of industry-standard security procedures and does not release any data that permits any possibility that a practice, physician or patient can be identified. You can contact us to find out more.


  • Real-world data—in weeks rather than months. Vestrum Health’s model enables us to collect and analyze massive quantities of high-quality EHR and other real-world data.

  • Designed for modern analytics. Vestrum Health has embedded agility into our technology infrastructure and master data management processes. Fast, flexible, and highly responsive to our clients’ dynamic needs.

  • Fully compliant. Vestrum Health has navigated the Anti-Kickback Statute, HIPAA, and other regulatory complexities necessary to serve as an intermediary between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Physician-centric. Designed by practicing retina specialists for retina practices, reflecting our founders’ decades of clinical experience.

Vestrum analytic reports provide valuable, actionable insights which have a meaningful impact on how I practice medicine. The ability to provide detailed and accurate utilization reporting is of paramount importance. The Vestrum analysis provides that crucial reporting.

- Vestrum Panel Physician