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Maximize the value of
your EHR data

Benchmarking reports
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value of
your EHR data

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Unlock the power of your EHR data

Buried in your EHR data - and virtually inaccessible to you - is a wealth of valuable information on patient characteristics, treatments, practice patterns and outcomes.

Partner with us and realize the full range of benefits from your data.

  • Analyze practice's patient care data

  • Utilize EHR data for research, presentations and papers

  • Receive monthly Quick Trends reports and infographics

  • Regional and national benchmarking

  • Track and analyze coding patterns and link to outcomes

  • Track referral patterns to identify new referral doctors or fall off from existing referral doctors


Vestrum Health

What we offer

Data Insights

Insightful quick trends reports to improve your performance

For Physicians & Practice Administrators

Clinical Trials

Accelerated patient recruitment

For Clinical Trail Coordinators & Primary Investigators

Analytical Support

Optimize clinical research and practice analysis

For Physicians & Practice Administrators

vestrum health

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vestrum health

Why Vestrum Health?

  • Real-world data —in weeks rather than months. Vestrum Health’s model enables the collection and analysis of massive quantities of high-quality EHR and other real-world data.

  • Designed for modern analytics. Vestrum Health embeds innovative strategies into the technology infrastructure and master data management processes. Fast, flexible, and highly responsive to clients’ needs.

  • Fully compliant. Compliant with Stark Anti-Kickback Statute, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements.

  • Physician-centric. Designed by practicing retina specialists for retina practices.

Vestrum analytic reports provide valuable, actionable insights which have a meaningful impact on how I practice medicine. The ability to provide detailed and accurate utilization reporting is of paramount importance. The Vestrum analysis provides that crucial reporting.

- Vestrum Panel Physician